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Sugar Tax

July 1st, 2018

Sugar Tax


With the introduction of the “Sugar Tax” here in Ireland many companies are now looking for alternative ingredients to give a natural sweetness to their beverages.  While the younger generation’s palate has changed through the years this had lead drink companies to develop beverages with exotic flavours, new textures and vibrant colours.  Now with the move away from sugar and artificial sweeteners we expect to see more unusual flavour profiles being introduced, some even reverting back to using spices such as Ginger, Turmeric, Chili and Cayenne to change up their formulas.


Many energy drinks companies have now moved away from high sugar content in their beverages which lead to “Sugar Crashing” symptoms and start replacing with BCAAs and other amino acids.  BCAAs are an obvious replacement as these are easily absorbed by the body and slowly burn off and reduce the “Crashing” effect.  These have also been added into isotonic drinks in replacement to sugar.


By changing the formulas to natural ingredients this helps to link into the advertisement of “Clean Labels” which we see more consumers opting for.  This trend has continued to evolve pushing for new products to have less artificial colours and sweeteners which many companies have tapped into.  Consumers also want reduced calorie beverages but with the same great taste.  Zero calorie Stevia sweeteners are a perfect substitute added into these products to keep the same great taste while helping the formulators address these demands and keep away from sugar.


At Heterochem we have been working hard to source alternatives to help with this change.   With over 35 years serving the Irish and UK markets we offer Just-in-Time delivery and offer sourcing services from our extensive network of global suppliers.   If you have any queries or would like us to source / quote for materials please send an email through the link below/on the website.  Alternatively if you would like to talk to someone regarding alternatives or sourcing any materials please call our office today on 01 8393127 where our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help.